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Information Reporting Services

Fast, accurate and timely information delivered when, where and how you specify is what you need to best manage your business. Using advanced technologies, U.S. Bank delivers the most complete reporting available and the ability to tailor information to your reporting requirements. Our service options include:

Information Reporting Online via U.S. Bank SinglePoint®

U.S. Bank SinglePoint offers robust, integrated information reporting, account inquiry and transaction origination services. These services can be accessed with a single sign on and are integrated to allow you to enhance the efficiency of your work.

  • View and act on financial data. View broad trends or single transactions.
  • View current and previous day transactions at three levels of detail in seconds. View key information, including interim collected balance and Controlled Disbursement totals, on a single page. Information data exchange supports bi-directional domestic reporting and inbound international reporting for non-U.S. Bank accounts.
  • Transfer funds and view images easily from your account summary view.
  • Customize reports with robust filtering.
  • Search for transactions up to 45 calendar days.
  • Export data in multiple formats including browser, PDF, BAI2 and comma separated value (CSV) to integrate with internal systems.

Control user access to information by account and function.
SinglePoint provides a single point of Web access to a full suite of treasury management services designed for efficiency, ease, convenience and control. Includes information reporting, ACH and wire transfer payments; book transfers and stop payment; Positive Pay, Reverse Positive Pay and issue maintenance; image access; image file delivery and system administration.

  • To request a demonstration of SinglePoint, contact your U.S. Bank representative or locate a local office.
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Information Reporting Through Email & Fax

U.S. Bank offers convenient information reporting services that deliver previous day business checking and savings account information automatically via email or fax. You can also use these services to receive business checking and saving statement information.

  • Secure, password protected and encrypted information
  • Faster statement information compared to a mailed paper statement enables you to reconcile your account sooner
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Information Reporting Through A Mainframe

Would you like to automatically interface your detailed bank transaction information with your internal accounting, ERP or Treasury Workstation systems? With U.S. Bank Mainframe Information Reporting, you can quickly and efficiently feed data into your systems or a software application.

  • Save time, reduce data entry errors and increase your productivity by eliminating data re-keying.
  • Employ the fastest transmission method to access high volume, detailed financial data.
  • Interface and use your data early in the business day after posting for time-sensitive business needs.
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For more information on these services, please contact us.

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