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Depository Services

U.S. Bank has designed a selection of depository services that can be matched to meet your particular needs. We offer a range of checking, money market and specialized depository accounts to help you manage your transaction activity. We also provide cash services and depository tools, like reconciliation and returned item services:

Business Checking Accounts

Checking accounts are the fundamental tool for a business' deposits and disbursements. We have a variety of checking accounts for mid-size to large businesses, non-profits and governmental entities. Please contact your Relationship Manager to determine what checking product best fits your business needs.

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Business Money Market Accounts

Our business money market accounts offer secure and flexible savings reserves for your company's excess cash. We offer a variety of money market accounts that provide maximum safety, liquidity, yield and convenience. With these accounts, you can receive

  • Tiered interest rates that pay more for higher balances than traditional checking accounts.
  • FDIC insurance up to the legal limits.
  • Analyzed money market account product options are available that can offset service charges as well as earn interest on balances.
Please contact your Relationship Manager to determine what money market product best fits your business needs.
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Focal Point Plus

Are you interested in consolidated information reporting and concentrated funds without sacrificing location-specific detail? Focal Point Plus allows you to make deposits into separate accounts at local branches or cash vaults and automatically concentrate funds and information reporting into a single master account.

  • Simplify your banking relationship and gain convenient access to our extensive, multi-state network of branches and cash vaults.
  • Find additional information under Branch Cash Services and Cash Vault Services.
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Zero Balance Account

Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA) allow you to establish a related account structure that automatically adjusts the balance of the subsidiary account(s) to zero or an amount you predetermine at the end of the day. You can:

  • Eliminate idle balances with automatic funds concentration or disbursement funding.
  • Set the transfer criteria to meet your needs.
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Check Collections (Pre-encoded Deposits)

U.S. Bank operates one of the largest check collection services in the country. We maintain state-of-the-art equipment and have an extensive check-clearing network. By delivering your pre-encoded check deposits directly to one or more of our check processing centers located in several states you can:

  • Reduce pricing on pre-encoded items deposited.
  • Enhance funds availability by delivering checks at key deposit deadlines for your mix of check endpoints.
  • Benefit from flexible processing arrangements for multiple deposits throughout the day, including evenings, weekends and extended deadlines for pre-sorted work.
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Returned Items

We offer a range of options to help you reduce your processing and handling costs of deposited checks that have been returned to U.S. Bank unpaid. You can:

  • Save on handling expenses by automatically re-depositing first time returned NSF and uncollected funds items.
  • Receive timely notification with images by choosing from a variety of notification options, including email and hourly or end-of-day faxes.
  • Access online reporting with images using U.S. Bank SinglePoint® Image Access and Information Reporting.
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Deposit Reconciliation Tools

Track deposits made by all of your locations into a single U.S. Bank account by using unique, pre-encoded deposit tickets for each location. Save time and money compared to maintaining and reconciling separate accounts using one of these tools:

  • Deposit Reconciliation - This service provides comprehensive information on your deposits for each of your locations.
  • Deposit Recap - This streamlined report will provide you with deposit details and subtotals by your locations.

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Branch Cash Services

Our Branch Cash Services are designed for organizations that make frequent cash deposits and/or require a continuous inventory of coin and currency at their locations. They're available for use when a U.S. Bank Cash Vault location is not in your area. Enjoy:

  • Convenient access to thousands of branches across our footprint.
  • A wide selection of packaging, counting and delivery options at our full service branches to meet your needs.
  • Secure night deposit service after bank hours.
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Cash Vault Services

If you make frequent cash deposits and/or require a continuous inventory of coin and currency at your locations, our multi-state network of Cash Vault processing locations is for you.

U.S. Bank Cash Vault Services offer you:

  • Automated deposit tracking from receipt to verification, allowing the cash vault to constantly monitor the status of your deposits.
  • Same-day credit for all deposits received by our established cash vault location deadlines.
  • Verification of cash deposits within 24 hours of receipt allows for more timely reconciling of your cash flow.
  • Convenient, automated cash ordering is available around-the-clock.
  • Enhanced security, which is of utmost importance to cash vault services. This includes secured docks for delivery of your deposit by armored courier, video surveillance, counterfeit detection in all currency counting equipment, and dual custody processing.

Advanced Cash Credit and Notification solutions, also known as Remote Cash Deposit and DTS® Tracking System, are also available in conjunction with Cash Vault Services. Get additional information.

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Courier Services

If you are located in select metropolitan areas, we will arrange the courier pickup and delivery of your check-only deposits directly to a U.S. Bank item processing site for deposit.

  • Save the time and expense of driving to the bank to make deposits.
  • Schedule regular pickups or use our on-call service to meet your needs.
  • Improve your cash flow with timely, dependable pickup and deposit of your checks.
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National Processing Region

Use a single account to make deposits at any U.S. Bank location in any state with our National Processing Region. If you have multiple locations, you can streamline your account structure and benefit from:

  • Reduced cash concentration costs and account maintenance fees by eliminating unneeded accounts.
  • Consolidated account information, making it easier to monitor balances and activity.
  • Simplified account reconciliation.
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For more information on these services, please contact us.

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