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Checking Accounts and Other Services
If your business has a low to moderate volume of banking activity, U.S. Bank offers checking accounts featuring the following benefits:
  • Low monthly maintenance fees.
  • The ability to offset monthly maintenance fees with a minimum average collected balance.
  • The ability to write a limited number of checks and deposit items with no per-item fees.
  • A separate statement that clearly presents your service charges.

If your business has a high volume of transactions or balances and treasury management needs, U.S. Bank offers checking accounts featuring the following benefits:
  • The ability to offset service charges with earnings credits on collected balances.
  • The ability to link accounts to maximize earnings credits and offset charges.
  • A detailed account analysis statement.

Overdraft Protection
Don't forget about overdraft protection, a service that protects your bottom line in the event of an emergency, as it can be an invaluable asset in business. Key benefits of our unique overdraft protection service include the following:
  • Link your checking account to your credit card, line of credit or savings account to cover overdrafts.
  • Unlimited transfers from credit card or credit line and up to six transfers per month from savings.

Other services available include the following products:
  • Business check and deposit cards are available to access funds in your demand deposit accounts to get cash, make purchases and make deposits 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.
  • Returned Item Services help manage your returned checks more efficiently. To help reduce your exposure to returned items, we can automatically redeposit items a second time, give you a phone call or automatically fax your advice with image copies of the items. Special instructions are also available to mail your advice or checks to a check collection agency, to individual locations within your company, or to an address you designate.
  • Combined Business Statements are available by consolidating your checking, business savings, money market, and savings certificate on one statement.
  • Recap Statements are ideal if you have one business checking account servicing several of your company's locations. This statement is mailed with your checking account statement and provides each store's deposits and transactions, helping you reconcile your accounts for each location.

For more information contact your U.S. Bank Relationship Manager, your Treasury Management Sales Representative or see our Commercial Banking Locator for a listing of phone numbers and addresses.

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